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You might notice the same question but it has different answers throughout the FAQ section. Answers can vary depending on the process in question. Check and make sure you are reviewing the question that corresponds only to the process you’re questioning. A majority of the following FAQs can also be answered in the Grants Management Handbook, which is located as a download on the Grants Management Enterprise homepage.


What is the difference between the entitlement and competitive grant processes?

Entitlement/Formula Grant

  • A grant based on a state or federal mandate, or a formula where ADE does not have discretion and merely acts as a conduit.
  • ADE is responsible for the final distribution of funds.
  • In the on-line Fund Alert eligible entities are notified of the amount of grant allocation/award and specifics regarding applying for grant. If the amount of grant allocation/award is not posted in the on-line Fund Alert and you did not receive an official letter advising an allocation/award amount, then contact the appropriate program office for further assistance.
  • Entitlement/formula grant(s) typically available on-line via the Grants Management On-line Applications.
  • Does not require approval of the State Board of Education.

Discretionary/Competitive Grant

  • A grant award that is typically not based on a formula or legislative mandate.
  • Distribution of these funds is based upon the specific criterion of the grant where ADE acts as the administering agent and has responsibility for the final disposition of such funds.
    • Examples: targeted audience and/or specific populations to be served, demographic factors, etc.
  • Some Competitive grant applications are available on-line via the Grants Management On-line Applications. If not, then it will most likely be accepted Hardcopy and contact the appropriate program office for further assistance.
  • Original applications must be received by the date and time specified.
  • Require approval of the State Board of Education.

When filling out the On-line Application Line Item page what figure is Indirect Cost applied against?

Indirect Cost can be applied against all line items except Indirect Cost and Capital Outlay. E.g., if the project subtotal equals $1,000 and the LEA’s Indirect Cost Rate (ICR) is 6.25%, the LEA can apply 6.25% against that $1,000 of anticipated expenditures. If the final project subtotal expenditures do not reach $1,000, the Indirect Cost line item must be reduced in direct proportion. Care must also be taken not to exceed programmatic limits.

See the Indirect Cost FAQ section for more information.

I have noticed while filling out the Application budget page that my LEA’s Indirect Cost Rate (ICR) is set at zero? How does my LEA obtain an approved Indirect Cost Rate?

If a zero Indirect Cost rate is indicated ADE did not receive a request to calculate one because the LEA did not submit the required documentation, or the LEA was not approved for an Indirect Cost rate. If you have been assigned an indirecto cost rate and it is not reflected or it is incorrect on your budget page, please contact Grants Management so it can be updated.

See the Indirect Cost FAQ section for more information.

Am I required to submit a Capital Outlay worksheet? Where do I find the template?

If Capital Outlay justification is required, there will be a template for it in the related documents section of the applications. You will need to fill the template out and save it to your computer. Once saved, you will use the upload document link and select the file for upload. This will be attached to the application for submital.

I’ve been working on my Application all day, will my information save if i log out?

The Grants Management system automatically saves when changes are made. There are times if an error occurs that changes to one page might not save, however the rest of the application will be entact. To be safe, the user should always use the Save and Go To menu at the top of the page before returning to any sections. This will ensure that the save has been made before the page closes.

What happens to my application once it has been submitted? How will I know when it’s approved or rejected?

Once an application has been submitted on-line via the Grants Management On-line Application the appropriate program specialist to review it for accuracy and adherence to program requirements on a first come, first served basis. Once the Program Specialist has approved it, the program area Director will complete the final approval if applicable. At any time, ADE may reject the application for revision. Once the Application is approved it’s status is changed to SEA (grant name) Director Approved. This is the final stage of an application. The status will change if a revision or CR is started. During all stages of the application process, both the LEAs and ADE program areas will be notified of submittals and movements throughout the process.

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