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Receiving federal grant monies entails both programmatic and financial duties, which includes proper programming and expenditure of monies, goals achievement, and related reporting. Information related to the key areas addressed during the fiscal monitoring of federal funds are:

  1. Payroll Expenditure compliance; including Time and Effort
  2. Non Payroll Expenditure Compliance,
  3. Internal Controls
  4. Fixed Asset Compliance – Fixed asset refers to tangible, non-expendable, personal property having a useful life of more than one year and an acquisition as defined by your District/Charter’s fixed asset policy
  5. Grants Management Compliance.

Helpful Tips!!!

  1. How to Create a Group in Visions
  2. How to Create a Group and Payroll Journal report in Visions
  3. How to run the correct Expenditure Detail Report?
  4. How to Run a Fixed Asset/Stewardship report
  5. How to Export into Excel within Visions
  6. How to Create a Compressed File
  7. Fingerprint Clearance Card Requirements

Fiscal Monitoring Required Documentation

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