Welcome to ADE’s Foster Care Education blog!!!!!!

Published: August 29th, 2017

The long awaited Foster Care Education blog is here! This blog will serve to help the community working alongside children in foster care with technical assistance, resources, and encouragement.

Now that the 2017-2018 school year is well underway, it is important to know the educational rights of children in foster care. Both the local educational agencies and child welfare agencies are to collaborate for the purpose of school stability for children in foster care. Foster children should remain in their school of origin when they enter care or change placement. If it is in that child’s best interest to enroll in a new school, then they shall be immediately enrolled, even without the paperwork that is usually required.

That is just a taste of the provisions laid out for foster children. For more detailed information, refer to the AzED.gov/FosterCare webpage which contains a bevy of resources and training.

Be sure to check back with the blog frequently to see the latest in foster care and education in Arizona. If you have a program to highlight, or a resource to share, or just an encouraging story about a foster child’s achievements, email the [email protected] inbox.

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