7. How should a school stay informed?

Schools can stay informed by accessing a variety of resources provided on the School Finance portion of the ADE website.  These resources are updated in a timely manner to provide schools with the latest information they will need to meet ADE requirements based on A.R.S. § 15 Statutes.

Current Fiscal Year Memos may be found at:    http://www.azed.gov/administrators/SF/NumberedMemos/FY2014/Forms/PublicView.aspx
The Bulletin Board provides important information about the processing of school data and may be found at: www.azed.gov/Administrators/IT/bb/default.aspx

The School Finance Procedures Manual  Currently in the process of being updated.

Business Rules and Presentations is located at: http://www.azed.gov/administrators/SF/BusRuleDocsAndPres/Forms/Business%20Rules%20vs%20Presentations.aspx

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