Ten Reasons to Support the Arts in 2018

Published: August 27th, 2018

As we approach the 2nd month of the 2018/19 School year, I wanted to remind you to keep up your Arts Ed Advocacy efforts! Those of us involved in the profession should know that it’s not enough to teach our classes well. It’s not enough to secure the championship trophy. OUR job is to ensure that EVERY Arizona students has the opportunity and access to high quality Arts Education instruction designed to increase their artistic literacy and Well-Rounded education.

Take a moment to review this easy-to-use article by Americans for the Arts and start your advocacy story today! Reflect upon the personal stories of teaching and learning through the arts, juxtapose this with some of the state-wide stories we have collected through the A3C initiative, and stay tuned for updated student enrollment and access data from the AZ Arts Ed Data Project (to be released next month).

More soon!


Yours in collaboration,